Security Certification

For TEE products

GlobalPlatform has established a TEE security certification scheme which is supported by accredited laboratories to certify products. The program promotes a market-determined level of security across digital services enabling service providers to confidently and effectively manage risk.

To certify a product, vendors must confirm conformance of their TEE products to the GlobalPlatform TEE Protection Profile through independent security evaluation.

What is the GlobalPlatform TEE Protection Profile?
The GlobalPlatform TEE Protection Profile has been certified against Common Criteria under its Trusted Computing category.

The document identifies the security needs of the TEE to support different market requirements by combining the standard security methodology outlined by Common Criteria, with the best practice specifications as defined by GlobalPlatform in relation to TEE architecture and interfaces.

This includes specifying the typical threats the hardware and software of the TEE needs to withstand, detailing the security objectives that are to be met in order to counter these threats and the security or functional requirements that a TEE has to comply with. A positive evaluation of conformance to this security framework, through GlobalPlatform’s scheme, will indicate that a TEE product meets an agreed upon international security baseline.

Learn more about the TEE Security Certification Program

In this webcast, leading experts from GlobalPlatform explore how the scheme helps protect, ease and accelerate the deployment of digital services.

The webcast is of interest to all stakeholders in the digital services ecosystem, including service providers, software vendors, device manufacturers, platform providers, OEMs, mobile network operators and security evaluation laboratories.

Participating in Security Certification

For security evaluation laboratories to achieve the GlobalPlatform qualification status to provide security TEE certification, your organization must be a GlobalPlatform full member or participating member in good standing.

Security laboratories can apply to the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) Security Evaluation Secretariat to initiate the accreditation process. The laboratory’s processes will then be analyzed on-site to ensure that it is equipped to thoroughly evaluate a TEE product in line with the GlobalPlatform TEE Protection Profile.

Non-GlobalPlatform members wishing to purchase member documents such as Test Suites please visit Test Suites.

Participation Forms

The legal and technical forms applicable to each type of qualification are provided below.

Locate your nearest GlobalPlatform-approved laboratory

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