Security Task Force

The Security Task Force is chaired by Olivier Van Nieuwenhuyze from STMicroelectronics. All GlobalPlatform members are eligible to participate in this group, as well as approved non-member government agencies.

The Security Task Force defines the association’s security philosophy and its contribution to the security landscape


The Security Task Force works to:

  • Engage and collaborate with external security organizations to ensure that security requirements from a broad range of use cases and market sector are brought into GlobalPlatform.
  • Advise the GlobalPlatform technical committees in security philosophies, certification and applicability.
  • Facilitate collaboration with government agencies and their security experts to define market requirements.

Current Priorities

  • Clarify and define secure boot within the context of GlobalPlatform technology.
  • Identify and classify secure technologies for the IoT.
  • Progress work within crypto agility.
  • Develop white papers on First Key Injection and HSM Acting as Root of Trust.
  • Define how to combine GlobalPlatform technology and TPM technology (or other equivalent library).


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Xavier Vilarrubla

Security Task Force Co-Vice-Chair


Mr. Vilarrubla was elected to serve as Co-Vice Chair of the Security Task Force in 2015.

Olivier Van Nieuwenhuyze

Security Task Force Chair


Mr. Van Nieuwenhuyze currently serves as Senior R&D Engineer at STMicroelectronics. Within this role he has software architecture responsibilities for the NFC ecosystem and secure elements.

He joined STMicroelectronics in 2003 and since 1999 Mr. Van Nieuwenhuyze has been active in several smart card projects for banking, transport and near field communication.

Mr. Van Nieuwenhuyze joined the GlobalPlatform Board of Directors in 2017.

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