Certification Program Updates

The GlobalPlatform Certification Program is structured to evolve as new technologies are introduced and new security threats arise. Below is the list of updates.

The Test Suites are now listed on their own page here. For updates prior to 2018, please contact the Secretariat.

Operations Bulletins

29 Jul 2019 - Bulletin No 19/2nd Edition

Test Suites Activation and Deactivation schedule

11 Jul 2019 - Bulletin No 19

Test Suites Activation and Deactivation schedule

24 Apr 2019 - Bulletin No 18

10 years lifetime extension for products qualified by GlobalPlatform for GSMA programs

09 Jan 2019 - Bulletin No 17

New Test Suite Activation

16 Jan 2018 - Bulletin No 16

Self-testing: Registration and Publication of fully compliant Products

16 Jan 2018 - Bulletin No 15

XML Test Report Signature – Effective March 1st, 2018

01 Jan 2018 - TEE Bulletin No 1

TEE Certification Operations Bulletin – Laboratories undergoing accreditation process.

23 Jun 2017 - Bulletin No 14

UICC and CIC Test Suites Activation

15 Mar 2017 - Bulletin No 13

Card SCO in pdf format only

07 Jun 2016 - Bulletin No 11

Test Suite Activation

Program Updates

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